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Portfolio Audit Services

Free Portfolio Audit Services

Most investors have no idea what the true costs are of their investments.  

Chances are that if you own mutual funds, you’re paying more than you should for your investments.  According to Morningstar, there are over 2,800 retail mutual funds, each with over $100 Million in investor assets, with internal expenses exceeding 1.50% annually.  

Higher fees can be acceptable in some cases, such as mutual funds or ETFs that specialize in unique assets or strategies, or international investments with higher research and administration fees.  However, in nearly every case, funds with expenses higher than their peers tend to be a significant drag on portfolio returns, and can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in foregone investment returns.  

Our firm offers a complimentary, no obligation portfolio audit service to help you better understand what you’re really paying for your investments.  We’ll help you uncover internal expenses, 12b-1 fees, excessive commissions, hidden “mark-ups” or “mark-downs” on bond trades, and unnecessary advisory fees.  

Send us your recent investment statements, and we’ll provide you with an overview of where you can save money and improve your investment results.  

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